Did You Suffer Serious Injury In An Electrocution Accident In South Florida?

Serious electrocution accidents can happen in a variety of dangerous settings: construction sites, at tree-trimming and power line jobs and with defective products that malfunction for consumers, just to name a few.

If you suffered severe burns, were hospitalized and lost income due to an electrocution accident in South Florida — and your recovery has been complicated by an uncooperative insurance company — we are the Miami law firm that can help you.

At Levine, Busch & Schnepper, P.A., our skilled, knowledgeable personal injury attorneys know exactly what you are going through. During our 125-plus years of combined experience, we have handled thousands of workers' compensation, third-party and accident claims just like yours. Our success rate is recognized throughout the region. We work hard for those who can't.

You may have moved into a home whose previous owner thought that he or she was an electrician, but wasn't — and exposed wires spelled life-threatening injuries for you and your children. You may have been victimized by electrical problems in a work zone, or while trimming trees that came in contact with electricity. No matter how you came to be harmed by electrocution, we dig hard for the facts, confront insurers with those facts and are fully prepared to advocate for your goals in a courtroom.

To speak with one of our Levine, Busch & Schnepper, P.A., electrical injury lawyers in a free initial consultation, just contact us at 786-724-2554 or by email. We can come to your home or hospital room if you need us to. You owe no legal fees unless we prevail in your case — and win the financial compensation you deserve. We provide Spanish, French and Creole language translation assistance to anyone who needs it.